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Join us for fun interactive art classes! 

Cancelled March 9th, 2024  2 to 4 PM Acrylic Painting and Collage with JoAnna: Learn art history through the study of Master Artist, Henry Matisse, view his work and techniques, then put those techniques to practice creating your own art collage!

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Local artists teach our classes! 



Joe Adomavicia -  Joe is a resident of Waterbury CT and works as a CNC Machinist by trade. He is a poet by passion and is the owner of Cerulean Wings, LLC an editing and book creation company. He is the author of "A Step into My Heart Blackout Poetry Edition", "Love Unbound", "Sakura", "The Foothold" and "Cerulean Wings". As an independent author, Joseph has spoken at high school poetry events and at local events showcasing his books at craft fairs, as well as on Amazon.

  In his two part class he will offer a brief history of Blackout Poetry with various examples which will lead into everyone trying their own for the first class. All materials are supplied. Blackout Poetry a.k.a. Erasure Poetry is when you take an original piece of writing and shade out certain words, letters, and punctuation to create a new piece of writing. Students will learn different techniques in doing so and then create their own blackout poetry with materials provided.

  In his second class, students will be informed on how to independently publish their collection of poetry or writing through Ingramspark and Amazon.

  Please bring a copy of some of your favorite poetry or writing for each class.

Dorothy Peebles-Pelley -  is a Fine Artist, commercial illustrator and art instructor. Dorothy studied at Paier College and School of Visual Arts in New York City. She was an instructor on the young people’s course at Famous Artists School where she actually worked with Norman Rockwell and other well-known artists and illustrators. She was involved in creating curriculum for the course and for a national program called Rescue that created art programs for schools throughout the country who did not have art taught in their schools. She created and taught a college course on creativity and art for the Maryland summer program at their St. Mary’s by the Sea campus.

  Dorothy has had a long career in the arts both commercial and as a mentor and instructor. She worked as a creative director for Foote Cone & Belding advertising, Yale New Haven Hospital, Xerox, DMS marketing division of James Publishing, and worked on programs for the US Department of Defense and NATO. She was a partner and owner in DTP&M desktop publishing. Dorothy is a published author and illustrator of several books. She teaches art methods and creates fun programs for her students to experience creating art and having artworks of their own to take home after a class.

Debbie Jaine - I am first, a Mom to 5 wonderful adults, and a grandmother of 5.  I am a happy, driven, creative person who is always looking for great experiences in life and I am so excited and happy when I can share them!

  In 2016, I founded my business, Ready to Exhale, LLC. In this business, you'll find workshops and classes, including Yoga and SoulCollage for people to come out, work side by side and many times form new friendships.

  Then I found ZENTANGLE! It is a method of art that promotes relaxation and focus. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, and orbs. It is Creative, FUN, independent, and has no boundaries!

   Im available for private classes! How about inviting your friends over on bi-weekly basis? Maybe a BYOB lady's night workshop? During the holiday season, I have classes available for creating beautiful gifts from your Zentangle projects! I would love to hear from you!

Rich DiCarlo - Richard is a 1984 graduate of the School of Visual Arts (NYC), has been creating art for over 54 years. He was an illustrator and designer for many major publishers and fortune 500 companies, with his works appearing world-wide. Richard is a multi-media artist, specializing in watercolors. His ability to simplify one of the most complex artistic mediums, opens the doors to creativity to everyone young and old, from the first time beginner, to the seasoned "art veteran". "We are here to have fun and make art," Rich says "Unleash the artist within... Experience a fun and simple step by step approach to watercolor painting. Anyone can do it!"

Steve DiRienzo - I have been drawing and painting for the better part of my entire existence. What began purely as an interest very early on, quickly developed into a passion and eventually a career. Art became my life's pursuit! As both an illustrator and oil painter, I focus on a range of diverse subjects in my work; covering everything from landscapes to portraits; to still life compositions.  My art is about exploring form, color and contrast; resulting in vibrant, visually striking paintings.

  My process begins with an idea or an inspiration triggered by an interesting visual, a conversation or an idea plucked from my own imagination. My ever-expanding list of subject matter is endless and in some cases certain ones simply have to make it onto the canvas, while others never do. It is a selection process which tends to play out on its own.

  As for the actual mechanics of my work, my training as an illustrator has instilled in me a degree of precision and realism that is never completely attainable and always improving. With this in mind, I paint and sketch in a relatively free-flowing form until the desired results are achieved.

  In the end, it is always been first and foremost about the art for me. Going foreword, my goal is to further explore the world through my paintings and my illustrations. I hope to convey moods, feelings and expressions that people can connect with, relate to and ultimately appreciate.

Cynthia Soucy - Cynthia is a website designer, visual artist and Chair of the Oxford Cultural Arts Commission. She has been an artist most of her life and graduated in 1988 from Porter and Chester Institute in Stratford CT. where she learned to combine her parents callings into one career choice. Encouraged by her mother's art and her dad's Construction profession, Cynthia has worked for architectural and engineering companies for many years. This type of design work suited her well. Cynthia felt that art would be made combining her love of the two fields.

  Cynthia has also worked on theater productions and in several disciplines including music, Dance, digital art, impressionism, drawing and painting. Experience with makeup, lighting, and set design are just a few of the things she has done in the theater. Cynthia has been an oil painter for decades, but her first love is soft pastels. She also creates in a less rigid way by exploring different techniques and ideas. She believes the arts has the power to transform individuals, society and the environment.

JoAnna Elizabeth LucasJoAnna enjoys working with a variety of media, from pottery, beading jewelry, crochet, paper collage, pastels, watercolors and oils. She is an active member of the community with the OCAC and the Lions Club of Oxford. She also teaches classes at her studio. 

   She says "Art to me not only represents the final picture. The process of creating the art has equal value. To have a vision and then put it in motion thru traveling, observation and painting gives each of my pieces a personal story. I strive to combine colors and shapes to unify the subject and be bold enough to hold the viewers' attention. Thru my art I want to draw a connection from our natural world to our everyday life, invoke the imagination and stir up your own memories."

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