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The Oxford Cultural Arts Commission partnered with the Oxford Public Library to provide a place to have regular exhibits that the public can enjoy for free. OCAC purchased and installed a modern hanging system in 2019 and our volunteers manage the exhibits. Our mission is to enrich our public spaces with modern art from people of all ages from our state. All gallery receptions and events will also be listed and updated on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in doing a solo show please contact us for details.

Call for Artists! 

"Flora and Flora" June 1 thru August 30, 2024

Submission Deadline Wednesday May 29th by Midnight

As the season changes to Spring, plants, microorganisms, animals emerge from their winter slumber. Show us thru your art what flora and fauna live in your arena or use your imagination and art skills to express what nature and springtime means to you.


Our 18th exhibit is an open call to all artists to feature 2 dimensional art including but not limited to oils, acrylics, watercolor, mixed or digital painting, photography, fiber arts, written word and weaving. 


You may use your imagination or reflect on actual events, places or people in your art. Share your stories regarding your art and the theme is open to interpretation. 

Click on the application below and submit via email or snail mail.

Artists of all ages are encouraged to apply. 

You may submit up to 4 images for consideration for $20 thru email (preferred) (Students are now FREE) or snail mail. Please share your personal story along with your art. Download the form above. If you have questions please contact us by phone or e-mail. 

Submission Criteria:

  • ​You can submit images for consideration $20 for up to 4 pieces with a maximum of 3 pieces accepted. You can send payment via PayPal on our website:

  • or send a check to: OCAC at 486 Oxford Road, Oxford CT 06478


  • Submission Deadline Midnight May 29, 2024 (call for late submissions)

  • Drop Off Date Saturday January 6 during library business hours 10 am to 12 pm, Oxford Public Library 49 Great Oak Road, Oxford (203) 888-6944 or (203) 494-3197

  • Show Run June 1, 2024  thru August 30, 2024

  • Pickup Date Unsold artwork pickup is Saturday August 31, 2024 during library business hours from 10 am to 12 pm

  • Arts cannot exceed 24 x 36 inches framed or weigh more than 40 lbs. All arts must be framed and/or hang-ready with wire. 

The Oxford Public Library is a public community space frequented by children and families, please make sure artwork is family friendly (no excessive violence or sexually explicit work) Any work deemed inappropriate by the Oxford Cultural Arts Commission or the Librarian will be rejected.

All arts may be listed for sale with 20% proceeds donated to Oxford Cultural Arts Commission 

Current Exhibit: 

"Myths and Folklore" April 6 thru May 31, 2024

Myths, Folklore and Legends follow us thru song, poetry, photography and paintings We asked artists to explore the Old Master Artists and share with us their own art depicting stories passed thru time, country and culture.

"Winter Solstice and A New Year" 

January 7th, 2024  thru April 5, 2024

For the poet, the artist, the scientist, and lovers of the great outdoors, Nature is the great muse – much inspiration and solace can be found. The characteristic cold Winter marks a certain frigidity, a slowing down of movement all around nature. This reminds us to slow down the frantic movement of our hectic lives and pause to breathe and introspect. Winter is about going within. Use your art to express your vision of Winter.


Past Exhibits

"Healing Thru Art"  October 14 thru January 5, 2024 

Creating Art has long been known to have healing powers. Sometimes it's a story that sparks a positive memory or it's the making of art that keeps ones strength or help someone overcome difficulties in life. This show features 7 artists expressing what healing means to them.

"Waterworks" August 5 thru October 13

Water is It is a transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, and it is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. Four artists show us art that includes or evokes images of water.

Solo Artist feating Debbie Jaine (photo above)

on display June 10th thru August 4th

Artist Reception is July 8th at 2 pm Enjoy light refreshments and a guided tour of the arts on display. Debbie Jaine's art flows with Zentangle designs, detailed lines and Cartouche. Most of her works are for sale and she also teaches workshops and Yoga.

 "My Favorite Things" on display April 15 thru June 9th, 2023

Artist Reception is April 29th at 2 pm. Artists show us what they enjoy most in life. It could be a favorite place, a person, a favorite memory, a song or thing. They used their imagination and creative skills to reflect on actual events, places or people thru their art.

"Winter Tidings" from Jan 21 thru March 25

We asked artists to show us art that reflects the season of winter time. Whether it's experiences of the festive holidays, winter sports, or seasonal depression; or a time of solitude, mediation and rebirth; we wanted to see what winter means thru their art. Featuring Shawna Lee Kwasnak, Hannah Corcino and JoAnna E Lucas.

Solo Artist featuring Mary Jane Ives

Sept 4 thru Sept Oct 7th 2022

A collection of paintings by local artist, Mary Jane Ives, featuring beautiful sunsets, still lifes, landscapes and flowers.  She paints exclusively in oils with much attention to detail and creating realistic atmospheres. All her works are available to purchase. Commissions are available upon request! You don't want to miss this showcase! 

"Summer by the Seashore" Exhibit

June 18th thru August 19th

Collection of inspired works of summer. We asked artists to see their nautical, poolside, oceans, lake and rivers artworks! Summer is Hot! This art will help cool you down and reflect on summer pastimes.

"The Next Generation"

Showing March 20, 2002 thru May 27, 2022

Artist Meet and Greet April 23, 2022 12- 2 pm

Thinking upon the seasons changing, rebirth, graduations, and more opportunities and grow and prosper with the warming weather show us art that reflects on "The Next Generation"

"Winter Traditions"

Dec 12, 2021 thru March 4, 2022

Artist reception planning for Feb date 2022

On display we have art that reflects winter time celebrations, weather and experiences. Sometimes we experience sadness, loss and wrestle with the cold weather. Other times we join family and friends to celebrate the many holidays! With your art express what the winter means to you.

"Art Heals"

October 2 thru December 4, 2021

The theme is "Art Heals”. Show us your art works that reflect on times of healing and overcoming challenges, physically and mentally. Show us how you've used the create art process to help heal from emotions from everyday stress, trauma or overcome disabilities.

"The Painter's Passion"

July 10 thru August 28, 2021

Show us what motivates you to create art!  Show us your passion!

Artist Application
Friend of OCAC Rich Frazino installs art hanging system at the Oxford Public Library
librarygallery (1).jpg

Images Above:

Top: Rich Franzino, OCAC Supporter installs the railing system at the Oxford Public Library (photo: Lucas)

Middle: Commissioners Jennifer East and JoAnna Lucas display the new art hanging system installed at the Oxford Public Library (photo credit: Voices Photographer Pentagast)

Bottom: Art displayed by new hanging system (photo: Lucas)

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