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Kayla Ek is an american fine artist and curator based in the Connecticut - New York City area. Her paintings, illustrations and sculptures often depict emotive surreal portraits that are inspired by her deep love for music illuminations, psychology, philosophy, saturated colors and poetry. Kayla has won many awards due to her excellence in the Arts - such as the 2014 Connecticut Association of Schools Outstanding Arts Award, The 2014 Walter Kopsick Memorial Award and, the 2014 Energy PRZ Award.  She was the Director of the 2016 New Milford Artwalk and her most current curated shows and events can be found at RAD ART arts & craft studio in Oxford, Connecticut. Recently, Kayla has been appointed as the Gallery Director of Oxford Cultural Arts.


What I wish to accomplish:

My goal as Gallery Director for the Town of Oxford is to help cultivate a strong, and bold relationship between our local artists, business owners and creative minds within Oxford’s blossoming community. I would like to see artists more active and relevant in the further development of our town. By allowing me to orchestrate live events, curated gallery exhibits and creative programs with the support of our town and the amazing board of members that represent OCAC - we will be able to bring an ultimate light to Oxford as a creative hub. Thus allowing everyone in our community to thrive and feel inspired in an open minded, judgement free environment. Lets Paint the World!

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